Monday, July 10, 2006

What are the Advantages of Promo Plates Name Plates

What are the advantages of Promo Plates automotive name plates?
a) Promo Plates name plates are a low cost, "buy it once, and use it for years" product, which delivers dividends every day.
b) A Promo Plates car plate affixed to the family car becomes a personal endorsement passively promoting your product.
c) The mobile nature of our automotive name plates means they are seen by a different audience every day. They sell whether you are on the road or parked, at work or play.
d) All orders are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks worldwide, with no delivery charge.
e) Promo Plates name plates install in seconds with no special skills required.
f) These automotive plates require no special maintenance. (just normal car washings)
g) Promo Plates Car Plates plates are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing defect.
h) Orders are through a secure server. We (Promo-Plates) never actually see your credit card number.
i) Promo Plates name plates only sells "name plates", we don't have secondary "bounce back" products, and we don't sell our client list!

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