Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Promo Plates Nameplates Work

Here's the story of why Promo Plates automobile nameplates work so well.
- Every day your car is moving in city traffic, you're stopped at a stop sign or stop light, you're parked in a parking lot, at curbside or in a client's driveway.
- As you drive, there's always a car just behind you.
- A strategically placed Promo Plates Car Plates on the back of your car will insure your message is seen up to thousands of times everyday. Your message is seen by motorists as well as their passengers.
- When your car is parked, your message is also seen by pedestrians.
- To that person just behind you, your nameplate has greater impact than that 40 foot billboard off in the distance. They associate your message with your car, and with you. If they like what they see, and they need your service, odds are they'll remember you.
- As an example: Imagine you're at a stop light. The gaze of the driver just behind is directly fixed on the back of your car. Your message will be staring right back giving vital details of your business. That billboard is maybe fifty feet away off to the side.
- Promo Plates car name plates are also clearly visible while traffic is moving.... even at highway speeds.

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