Friday, July 14, 2006

Different Ways to Advertise Your New Website Business

Getting your domain name out there where everyone can see it is so important when you are promoting a new website business. There are many different things you can do to promote your new domain name:
- Placing a sign at a busy intersection with your new website address on it
- Buying Advertising space on a bus stop bench
- Sending out emails and postcards to all your existing customers telling them about your new website.
-Placing flyers in local area businesses although considered old fashioned still works locally.
-Placing an ad in your local newspapers.
-Submitting your new website to the search engines and free classifieds sites
-Bidding on keywords pertaining to what your site is about in order to get placed higher on the search engines
-Getting a domain name plate for the back of your car from Promo Plates automotive advertising

-Buying a domain plate for the back of your wives and kids cars to help out the family business

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