Saturday, July 01, 2006

Questions Answered About Promo Plates Name Plates

What are Promo Plates car name plates made of?
Promo Plates automotive plates are made of the same materials the big three auto makers use... injection molded plastic, which is chrome foil plated and triple coated with lacquer to stand up to the elements and car washings.

How long do the Promo Plates name plates last?
With normal care, each plate may last longer than the vehicle it's mounted to.

How do they attach?
The Promo Plates car name plates attach with peel and stick neoprene automotive-type adhesive tape

Will it harm paint and how do I remove my name plate?
If your car's paint is in good condition to begin with, the adhesive will not cause damage. The auto plate may be removed with the aid of a hair dryer to soften adhesive. Soften a section at a time and gently pry up as each section becomes soft. If carefully removed your car name plate may be used again by applying a new adhesive backing which you can get by request for a small charge.

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