Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Promo Plates are a Great Personalized Gift Idea

The Promo Plates name plate will adhere to any surface, doors, windows, walls, just about anywhere that the adhesive backing will stick.
Use them for Door Name Plates, company name plates, vehicle name plates, window signs, you name it.
This means if you give them as a gift to a friend, relative or employee they can be placed on more than just the boot or back of their car.
Personalized gifts really tell the person that you were thinking of them ahead of time which means so much more.
You can also use them as a promotional tool at sales meetings for your salespeople to put on their cars, for employees to put on their vehicles and for your own businesses customers as well. Promo-Plates name plates are much classier looking than just a bumper sticker or painted on sign for
promoting your business.
You will be proud to display them on any vehicle and they make a great conversation peice because there aren't very many of them out there yet.

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