Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are Promo Plates Car Name Plates a good value for my advertising dollar?
Promo-Plates Automotive Plates are one of the world's great advertising bargains. Dollar for dollar there is no more effective, or cost effective form of advertising.
Promo Plates Auto Plates retail at US $49.95 each for Chrome. We assume the average person holds their car in service for three years. We Calculated that the amortized cost of having a URL plate on a car over three years is about 3.6 cents per day. If the vehicle is driven in daily rush hour traffic the plate may be seen hundreds,if not thousands of times every day at a fraction of a penny per impression. The cost declines dramatically if the owner holds his car in service for longer than 3 years or if the plate is reused on your next car. With care, Promo Plates name plates will easily last for 7 to 8 years in outdoor use.
Properly cared for indoors they'll practically last forever.
It's such a great Automotive Advertising idea that people will ask you where you got them!

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