Friday, June 30, 2006

Promo Plates Automobile Name Plates

Sometimes you find a product that just says WOW!
Most of our customers can't wait to get their Promo Plate automobile name plates on their car. The anticipation builds every day until they arrive and can be displayed the first time.

This may just be the best automotive advertising value in the world.
Assume you keep your car for three years.
Then the cost of your vehicle name plate works out to about four cents per day

From the instant you drive into traffic your Promo Plate nameplate begins telling your story. They also work while you're parked at the supermarket, the office parking lot or anyplace.
Everyone will want to know where you got your Promo Plate name plate ...of course it's up to you if you tell or not.
Promo Plates car plates look classy on any car. They're designed to enhance your car's appearance.
You know how many cars are directly behind you in traffic everyday. That's about how often your message is seen. Your next client may be directly behind you.
Don't forget your can also order an email name plate for your car too.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Domain Name Plates For Your Car, Truck or Van

Promo Plates name plates are a great way to advertise your domain name, email address, company name and phone number on the back of your car, truck or van. You can also stick them to just about any surface for use on walls, doors, file cabinets, etc.,. They are most popular with drivers to advertise their websites on the back of their vehicle. Everyone that drives behind you is introduced to your website and it keeps it in their minds as they stare at the back of your car at stop lights. It's virtually the most cost effective form of advertising you can get. Some companies even give a domain name plate to each employee to put on the backs of their cars too.
Realtors love Promo Plates and they make great customer appreciation gifts. You can also use them for advertising and information for the sides of your vehicle as some people have placed them on their car doors. You don't have to have a website to have a Promo Plate -they can also be used for office door name plates or door signs. Order one for your website address and one for you company phone number so people can contact you right away. Be sure to visit to learn more about this fantastic new way to advertise.